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Portraits of coaches, therapists, and bodyworkers... photos of workspaces, sessions, and events... I create atmospheric images with sensitivity, depth and aliveness. Photos, which are personal and unique and stand out from internet stock imagery.


A professional portrait makes it much easier for potential clients to feel if working with you resonates for them. In the shoots I focus on the human connection, and I invite people to be present and to express authentically.



A picture of your session setting... of you in action, or just simply resting, being gently present with another human being... makes it easier for people to imagine working with you. 


Would you like to show the vibe of your workshop? I photograph all kinds of group events. From small and intimate meditation evenings, to yoga training groups, to your inspirational speech in front of a big crowd.



Do you have a beautiful space? Whether you would like to let your potential clients feel into the atmosphere of your session room, or you want to rent out your space to other coaches... professional photos can show the beauty of your space and also clarify the flexibility in usage.


A close-up shot can communicate your sensitivity for depth and detail... it can create a gentle, yet vibrant feel and therefore accompany a section on your website or flyer very well. As it is something from your own practice, it's not just a random photo you found online, but one which is unique and personal to you.



Are you looking for an atmospheric image to accompany a section on your website or a blog article and you cannot find the right photo anywhere? Do you want something unique? Maybe I can do it for you.

Beautiful photos of nature, light reflections in water, a close-up of two hands touching each other... What are you looking for?

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