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With my photography I want to contribute to a more conscious, connected, and sustainable world. A world which deals with the challenges of our time in an honest and healing way. I enjoy working with people and portraits are my main focus in photography. My background in coaching and body oriented psychotherapy makes it easy for me to connect with people, to invite them to be present and to express authentically - which in my view is key for good portraiture. 



My professional journey as a photographer began in 2002 with a training in an advertising photography studio. Later I studied photography (BA) and then fine arts (MA) at the University of the Arts (ZHDK) in Zurich, Switzerland, and I was working as a freelance photographer mostly in the field of fine arts since then. 

From 2011 on, I became more and more interested in personal development and self inquiry. I attended silent retreats on a regular basis and I used various methods to explore deeper into my own being. In 2017 I finished the official training as a life coach with The Work of Byron Katie (vtw), and in 2018 I started a 5 year long training to become a body oriented psychotherapist (Bodymind Opleidingen).

Being familiar with these two worlds, I know what people in the therapy and coaching world want to communicate and I know how to do that by means of photography. When shooting spaces and events I show the situation, and I translate the atmosphere into the picture at the same time. When doing portraits, I am present with people, and I invite their aliveness and authentic expression, which results in images of natural beauty.


If you would like to read how my clients experienced their photoshoot, please click here.

Contact and phone


For questions and job requests please use the contact form below or just call me:

phone: +31 6 294 238 89

Visit me on Facebook and Instagram:

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Package 1



1 hour portrait photo shoot (in one location, could be your practice, a park...).

Up to 5 photos edited.


350.- €*



Package 2



2 hours photo shoot, portraits and practice room (in one location).

Up to 5 portraits and up to 5 practice room photos edited.


500.- €*



Package 2 +plus



Same as package 2, but shoot in two locations. So we can take pictures of your practice room, and portraits outside in a park for example…


550.- €*

* VAT will be added. Travel costs will be added if the location of the shoot is more than 10 km away from my studio.


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