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I photograph coaches, therapists, and bodyworkers... workspaces, sessions, and events... I am familiar with healing, awareness work, personal development and embodiment... I create atmospheric images with sensitivity, depth and aliveness. In the shoots I focus on the human connection, and I invite people to be present and to express authentically.



My professional journey as a photographer began in 2002 with a training in an advertising photography studio. Later I studied photography (BA) and then fine arts (MA) at the University of the Arts (ZHDK) in Zurich, Switzerland, and I was working as a freelance photographer mostly in the field of fine arts since then. 

From 2011 on, I became more and more interested in personal development and self inquiry. I attended silent retreats on a regular basis and I used various methods to explore deeper into my own being. In 2017 I finished the official training as a life coach with The Work of Byron Katie (vtw), and I just started a 5 year long training to become a body oriented psychotherapist.

Being familiar with these two worlds, I know what people in the therapy and coaching world want to communicate and I know how to do that by means of photography. When shooting spaces and events I show the situation, and I translate the atmosphere into the picture at the same time. When doing portraits, I am present with people, and I invite their aliveness and authentic expression, which results in images of natural beauty.



For questions and job requests please use the contact form below or just call me:

phone: +31 6 294 238 89

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  • Facebook - Schwarzer Kreis
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Package 1



1 hour portrait photo shoot (in one location, could be your practice, a park...).

Up to 5 photos edited.


300.- €*



Package 2



2 hours photo shoot, portraits and practice room (in one location).

Up to 5 portraits and up to 5 practice room photos edited.


450.- €*



Package 2 +plus



Same as package 2, but shoot in two locations. So we can take pictures of your practice room, and portraits outside in a park for example…


500.- €*





Photo shoot 100.- € / hour*

Selecting, editing 75.- € / hour*

* VAT will be added. Travel costs will be added if the location of the shoot is more than 10 km away from my studio.